Sometimes an article becomes too large and complex to fit on a single page. This is especially true if you have created a community page which contains a variety of content such as meeting minutes, RFPs, SOWs and FAQs.

In these cases, it is essential to keep related articles together by creating additional sub-pages under the main article, just as you would create sub-folders in a project's main folder on your personal computer.

For an example of this, look at Procurement community, which is located at:

Think of this top article as a file folder, that holds all the files related to the Procurement community. It contains many of the content types mentioned above. To keep this content neatly filed under one place — separate from other subjects/communities/projects — the content is filed in subpages: templates functions criteria materials


Imagine that you've had the first meeting for your group or community, and wish to post the minutes to GCpedia. Navigate to your main article, and enter a slash and the new document title in your browser address box. Using the Procurement community as an example, you might enter something like this:

And create the new page.

Once you've completed it, make a link to the new article/subpage (e.g. the meeting minutes) by editing the main article's page to contain a link like this:

* [[Procurement_community/Meeting_minutes_September_2_2009|September 2, 2009 minutes]]

Should you accidentally create a document at the top level that should have been created under another article, don't panic. It is reasonably simple to move pages to their proper location.