At the top of the page you will find some useful tabs. These tabs relate to the particular page you are viewing. Some additional tabs are available only after you have logged in.

These tabs allow you to discuss/talk/comment on an page, edit a page, view an page's history, move (and rename) pages, and watch a page for changes.

page tabs

Default for all users

  • Main Page
  • Discussion: See what others may have written about the current page, or to add your own comments to the discussion thread.
  • Edit / View: If available, you may edit the page. 
  • Edit/View Source: Takes you directly to the source code of the page, and, if available, you may edit this code. 
  • View History:  Every editable page has an associated page history, which is accessed by clicking View history at the top of the page. The page history contains a list of the page's previous revisions, including who made the changes and the nature of the edit or change

Extra tabs for logged-in users

  • Move:  Used to rename pages; use with caution to avoid broken links.
  • Watch/Unwatch: Click so you are notified when the page is changed, and are kept aware of revisions.
  • Star: Click to easily add or remove a page from your list of favourites. These are pages you frequently visit. Unlike your watch pages, you will not receive notification when your favourites are edited.

Extra tabs for discussion pages

  • Add topic: adds a new section to a discussion page, without changing what is already there.