The recent changes page displays the most recent edits made to pages in GCpedia. The link to the recent changes page is in the navigation sidebar at the left of every page in the wiki. 

recent changes link in the navigation bar

Interpreting Recent Changes Pageexample of a recent changes page

Understanding recent changes

With the default preferences, the bulk of the page consists of fifty lines, one for each edit, looking like this:

example of an edit, consisting of a link to the history of the page, the page itself, the username of the author and edit details

This indicates two edits: in the first JMitchell created the Main Page, and in the second she amended a typing error. From left to right:

  • "diff" links to the diff-page for this edit; it is not available for new pages, or for page moves
  • The "hist" link corresponds to the Page history link on the edited page: it shows not just this edit but also older and newer ones. For page moves, the hist link leads to the history of the new page title
  • A bold m indicates that the user marked the edit "minor". Only logged in users can mark edits minor.
  • A bold N indicates that the page is "new", i.e., previously did not exist. It is possible for a change to possess both the "minor" and "new" indicators; this is typically used for new redirects.
  • The next link is a link to the current version of the page in question.
  • 16:20 refers to the time in UTC. You can change the time to your time zone using your preferences
  • For logged in users, the next link is a link to their user homepage. If the user profile page has not been completed, the link will be in red. If the user profile page exists, the link will be in blue
  • Finally, there is a link to the user's talk page
  • For page moves, a link is given to both the old and new title.


Logged in users can set preferences to adjust the way that Recent Changes looks. The options that affect recent changes are:

  • Hide minor edits in recent changes - this hides all edits that have been marked as minor by logged in users;
  • Enhanced Recent Changes - with this option enabled, multiple edits are grouped together. This option uses JavaScript, and won't work in every browser. * Number of recent changes. You may select the number of changes which will be shown by default on the Recent Changes page. Once on that page, links are provided for other options. In the case of Enhanced Recent Changes this number of changes includes those that are initially hidden.
  • See Help:Enhanced_recent_changes for more information about Enhanced Recent Changes.

Edit records that are changed or lost

After a page has been renamed (moved), earlier edits, including the original creation of the page, are shown in Recent Changes etc. under the new name. After a page has been deleted, earlier edits, including the original creation of the page, are not shown in Recent Changes etc. In this Recent Changes differs from a real log of editing events (the latter in the sense that something that has happened can not be changed afterwards).